Pool color enhancement request

Editing requests

I work with many different clients. Some are old fashioned and don't want too many edits (which is totally okay), and others are excited about doing what's necessary to have to best photos for their property (also totally okay). I personally love being able to apply different editing techniques, it's all part of the "Art" of photography. I've painted and removed holes in walls, turned on lights, removed wires, improved landscapes, cleaned carpets, even replaced carpets, lol. It's all part of the service that I provide, and provide happily. After all, it's up the the client to be able to gauge what's best for their home presentation.

Hey! It's super woman!

"What?" "Ya, you're the girl that flies!"

What a compliment I received as I walked into the staffers tent at the CSN Graduation! I was chosen by the CSN marketing team to capture the graduation from on high with my drone. I was able to take aerial photos and video for all three campuses earlier this year, so it was such an honor to be considered again. I admit that I was a bit nervous. This would be my first live flight. However, with all the photo and video shoots that I've done for real estate and the campus shoots, I was confident that I would be able to get the shots that would highlight such an occasion. Congratulations to the class of '20 & '21!


A quick "Hello" from my setup spot, before the festivities begins.

Taken before the ceremony

The grads are all lining up




The sun sets on Sam Boyd Stadium

The first to receive their diplomas




I Love the little details

While I was at the home on Cambrian Dreams, I took some time to take a few photos of all the little details. You can tell that the home owners took time on their interior design. There were visual interests in every corner. The entire house was beautiful!